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Benson VNG40 (40kw) (150,000btu) output.

The Benson gas fired cabinet heater, vertical floor mounted. Suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses, greenhouses and many other commercial premises.

Building Regulations & ECA Approval: All Benson cabinet heaters are designed with fuel efficiency in mind and meet the efficiency requirements of Part L2B of current building regulations as well as applicable CE legislation.  Additionally most models within the range have been rated to meet the government’s energy efficiency criteria for inclusion intot he enhanced capital allowance scheme.

Construction: The casing is robotically formed from electro zinc coated steel sheet and finished with a durable stove hardened epoxy polyester powder paint while the combustion chamber/heat exchanger is formed and welded from 304/3 16 stainless and grade HR4 steel.

Burner: High efficiency pressure jet oil or forced draught suitable for operation on 35 second light fuel oil, kerosene, natural gas or LPG propane and complete with flame monitoring safety controls.

Air Distribution: Via a quiet yet powerful centrifugal fan set with directional nozzles which dischange the warm air directly into the area to be heated.  Alternatively a spigot outlet can be provided for ductwork systems with filter and fresh air inlet options available.

Testing: Every heater is individually inspected, test fired and safety function tested prior to despatch.

Guarantee: Benson heaters are provided with one of the most comprehensive guarantee packages available –

Year One: Parts and labour

Year Two: Parts

Year Three: Combustion chanber heat exchanger warranty (conditions apply)

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