Powrmatic VPx 140kW Power Vented Gas Cabinet Heater



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Introducing the all new Powrmatic VPx power vented, gas fired, cabinet heater.  Powrmatic have taken the already popular VPC heater and given it a fantastic makeover.

The new Powrmatic VPx cabinet heater is more compact than its predecessor.  It packs more heat from a smaller foot print and offers lower NOx output.  The new Powrmatic VPx range is also fully ErP compliant.  Finished in a charcoal grey colour, stone baked enamel for a hard durable finish.

The all new Powrmatic VPx power vented gas cabinet heaters have been designed with both the installer and end user in mind.  The heater has shrunk in size, taking up even less floor space than the previous version.

To meet ErP legislation, the VPx now comes with a high / low burner as standard.  Fully modulating burner is also a factory option.

There are now six heaters in the range, with heat outputs from 35 kW up to an all new 140 kW model.  Powrmatic have listened to customers and installers and added a higher power unit to the range.

The combustion circuit has been improved, with the addition of an easy change flue fan.  Changing the heater between horizontal and vertical flue is now a breeze.  Improvements to the pressure switch circuit will improve reliability and prevent moisture forming in the venturi tube.

Using standard Powrmatic flue, the Powrmatic Vpx can be installed with a single flue pipe or fully room sealed.

The Powrmatic VPx range of heater took the VPC and offered great improvements. Users and installers familiar with the VPC heater will find themselves at home with this new product.

With legislation part of the design brief, annual seasonal efficiencies are way above target. Use of the Powrmatic patented “NOx Reduction” swirl system provided ultra low NOx outputs in flue gases.

Prices shown are for the Vpx UF – Upright Free Blowing (With Air Nozzles)
For other models or factory options, please contact us.

Models Available
• VPx UF – Upright Free Blowing Unit
• VPx UD – Upright Ducted Unit


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